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Reservations for the restaurant and our heated outdoor dining are now open for the holidays!

We are still taking reservations for our Private Party Room, but dates are filling up quickly.

Pete's Tavern- bar
Holiday decorations
Pete's Tavern
Pete's Tavern during holidays
Holiday decorations
Pete's Tavern
1864 Project
Pete's 1864 project

I believe initially the decorations paid homage to the fact that O’Henry penned 'The Gift of the Magi" in a booth in the bar room. It is truly one of the most magical Christmas stories.

I volunteered to the decorating crew back in 1988 … 35 years later, I lead the decorating crew and it is one of my greatest labors of love.


Is it the snowy birch branches suspended magically beneath the bar room ceiling proudly attiring 14,000 tiny red bulbs? The moving Christmas villages that wrap around the 180 year old façade, beckoning wide eyed children to steal a glance? Or perhaps the Victorian family of carol singers, expressing stoicism for some 50 years in the same place, or the timeworn bells that have endured seven decades of festivities, in need of a little more glue and a lot more love each and every season.

It takes eighteen able bodies over two weeks to assemble our annual display whose labor-intensive preparation begins in late August.

The results are always the same…happiness, joy, awe and elation.

Is it worth it? …. It’s always worth it !!! 

- Gary Egan

Our Private Speakeasy Room is decorated for the holidays! Email to inquire about booking the room for the holidays - availability is limited! 

Private Party room
Party room
Snowy Dat at Pete's- By local artist B. Courtian. Limited edition prints for sale $40
Pete's drawing
Pete's Tavern- Merchandise. Baseball cap-$28, beanie- $30, t-shirt- $25, jacket- $100.

Get your stocking stuffers at Pete's! Ask your server for more information.

Gift cards

Ask your server or visit this link for gift cards!

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