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Desserts 2024 Menu

Expand to See Menu Description -DESSERTS- CLASSIC TARTUFO 10 Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream with Almonds & Cherries in a Dark Chocolate Shell CHOCOLATE CAKE FOR TWO 14 Oven Warmed, Topped with Caramel Reduction and Vanilla Ice Cream BAKED APPLE CRUMB 11 Baked Apples, Brown Sugar and Crumb Crust With Vanilla Ice Cream FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE (GF) 11 Oven Warmed, With Caramel Reduction and Vanilla Ice Cream NEW YORK CHEESECAKE 10 Dense, Creamy Cheesecake, Graham Cracker Crust With Raspberry Reduction CHOCOLATE CHIP LAVA COOKIE FOR TWO 14 Large Chocolate Chip Cookie Dome with Chocolate Ganache Center With Vanilla Ice Cream PETE’S SPIKED AFFAGATTO 11 Vanilla Ice Cream, Single Shot of Espresso, Coffee Liqueur, Whipped Cream -COFFEE- DECAF ALSO AVAILABLE Drip Coffee. 5 Espresso 6.5 (Double 8.5) Cappuccino 7 Americano 7 -AFTER DINNER DRINKS - AMARI Montenegro Amoro 16 Amoro Nonino Quintessentia 16 Amoro Averna 16 Lucano Amoro 15 Braulio Amoro 16 Fernet Branca 15 Cynar 15 PORT Fonseca, Bin No.27 13 Fonseca, Aged Tawny 20 yr 18 Fonseca, Vintage Porto 2016 45 Fonseca, LBV Unfiltered 2016 16 CORDIALS Amaretto Disaronno 14 Baileys Irish Cream 15 Drambuie 16 Frangelico 15 Grand Marnier 18 Kahlua 15 Sambuca Romano 15 Black Sambuca 15 -COFFEE DRINKS- IRISH COFFEE 16 Jameson, Fine Grain Sugar, Whipped Cream MEXICAN COFFEE 16 Agave Coffee Liqueur, Whipped Cream PETE’S COFFEE 16 Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Brandy, Whipped Cream CORRETTO 12 Espresso with a Splash of Grappa or Sambuca

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