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It's Spring - Al Fresco Dining and Drinking is Here!
Enjoy the Beautiful Weather on our Outdoor Patio and Dining Areas

Outdoor Dining at Pete's Tavern
Airy tents= Pete's Tavern
Pete's Tavern- Building Pic

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, celebrate the extraordinary woman who fills your life with love, warmth, and endless support. Give her the greatest gift, the gift of time spent together. Treat her to a memorable experience she'll cherish forever – book a table at Pete's Tavern for brunch or a mid-day cocktail with Mom. All moms will receive a complimentary glass of wine, cocktail or dessert to make her day extra special! This Mother's Day, let's celebrate the women who have given us everything and more.

Mother's Day at Pete's Tavern
1864 Project

The date is Friday June 17th, 1994. I am working my regular Friday night shift behind the bar. The Rangers had just won the Stanley Cup the previous Tuesday night June 14th in a grind it out 3-2 Game 7 win over the Vancouver Canucks. It was only the second time Stanley Cup finals had gone to a Game 7 since 1971. It was the first Rangers' Stanley Cup since 1940.

Now it was up to the Knicks, after stealing Game 2 in Houston, and losing Game 3 at home. Game 5 was an absolute must win at the Garden as Games 6 and 7 were to be played in Houston. The bar at Pete’s Tavern was packed. You could not have squeezed in another soul as everybody stared at one of the two “huge” 29 inch televisions glued to this must-win game. The teams were locked in a tight Game 5 battle with 6:39 left in the second quarter at Madison Square Garden when the broadcast suddenly cut away to offer an update on OJ Simpson??? What the hell!

Then came the screams “turn on the radio!" We were all going to have to listen to the game as opposed to watch it. Looking back 30 years later over my 37 years at Pete’s I have never heard a completely packed bar, I mean literally packed to the gills, so quiet, so intense, so loyal. Initially if the Knicks scored there would be a loud celebratory roar, but we quickly learned that during the loud roar you could miss an important play, perhaps a turnover, perhaps a foul called, or god forbid a technical. The silence was deafening nobody would even leave to go to the restroom in case they would miss something. Drinks were ordered in sign language and whispers. At the final whistle the silence gave way to cheers, tears and celebrations, just one win away from the Larry O’Brien trophy… If only!!

It's now 30 years later and we are excited to have both the Knicks and Rangers in the second round of the playoffs and favored to go to the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Hopefully, this is our year and the broadcast of the remaining critical games will not be interrupted by another celebrity car chase.

Go Knicks, Go Rangers

Gary Egan
General Manager of Pete's Tavern

The 1994 NBA Finals Game

Staff Spotlight!

Burt Young ("Rocky"), Buster and Sandy

Burt Young ("Rocky"), Buster and Sandy

Sandy and Magic Johnson

Sandy and Magic Johnson

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