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Dear Friends of Pete’s Tavern,

     We are compiling a detailed history of Pete’s Tavern and the unforgettable times enjoyed here by so many of you.  In order for us to publish a full and vibrant account of Pete’s Tavern’s role as a New York icon, we ask you to share your most special Pete’s memories with us. 

     By clicking on the “My Pete’s Story” box below you may have your contribution included in The History Project and help us compose a richer and fuller account of Pete’s role in the history of New York and those who have enjoyed visiting us. All those who share their Pete’s stories will receive a free drink on their next visit to Pete’s.  (The story chosen by our judges as most historically significant/interesting will be awarded a $360 Pete’s Tavern gift certificate.) Contest rules are available to you prior to your submission of any story for The History Project.

     The Pete’s Tavern team regularly hears from you (on an ad hoc basis until now) about your special memories of Pete’s.  Unfortunately, there is no unified collection of the many significant events and milestones experienced at Pete’s Tavern.  The History Project aims to provide a more complete account of our humble Tavern and the significant moments and persons she has witnessed.  We are extremely excited to launch The History Project which has been inspired in part by the recent collection – “Pete’s Poems of the Pandemic” © Pete’s Tavern 2021.  Below we share two of the poems which have sparked our efforts.  We hope they will inspire you to share your Pete’s Story with us.



The Pete’s Tavern Team

The Voice of a Building


I was born in 1829 about 50

years after the Constitution


And long before

our flag shone with

the 50 stars it has



I opened my

doors as a hotel

and warmly welcomed

each honored guest


I became

A Tavern for even

greater hospitaity

was my quest


I have lived

through times of

plague, injustice

depression and war


I see a nation

still growing in goodness

But with arms outstretched

across the continent

and across the ocean

still an open door


As I look to my

200th Birthday not so

far away

With my bricks strengthened

by a gentle sun


Together with

my Country.

trusting in an

even better future to be won


I am blessed to live in this

great City,

and by your friendship in this great Country


With all my heart I say

God Bless you New York

And God Bless America






Dreaming of Pete’s Tavern


What I wouldn’t give to saddle up at bar or booth,

As I have had the pleasure of doing since my youth,


Sitting with friends burgers and beers,

That was the city in my early years,


Watching tourists and others come and go,

Valentine’s, St. Patricks, and Christmas with snow,


Living nearby it didn’t matter the season,

Pete’s was a ‘go to’ without needing a reason,


Crowded at Christmas, a crazy, fun, zoo,

They’d recognize regulars and make room for you,


If you had a tough day with your head in your hands,

Pete’s was right there, a soft place to land,


Martini’s, red wine, beer or a coke,

No place warmer to welcome folk,


I’ve run into friends and shared laughter and “cheers!”

It’s been part of “my city” for 20+ years,


On occasion I’ve stumbled out after a few,

The memories I took, I share now with you,


Baked clams, pasta, chicken and fries,

My son looking at Christmas lights with wide open eyes,


Now when snow falls at Pete’s, magic swirls in the air,

You can feel times gone by that are still living there,


Joyful and cozy a restaurant / home,

There when you’re back from wherever you roam,


To the Bar, to the Booth, soon I’ll saddle up steady,

I’ll celebrate hard, so get those drinks ready...

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