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News from the Tavern

Welcome to News From The Tavern, a way for us to bring Pete's Tavern to you!

We just installed a state-of-the- art draft beer system, so our beer is better than ever
before! From barrel to barstool, we'll serve you the perfect pint.

State of the Art Draft Beer
Pete's Tavern

As the sun sets on summer, we are keeping it hot at
Pete's! Our 4 outdoor and curbside dining areas will
remain open and be winterized in time for the

steak frites

Our Pat LaFrieda Trio:
Steak Frites , Grilled 16oz NY
Strip, and 10oz Filet Mignon.
And coming soon... our
Porterhouse Steak for 2!

Pete's Party Room

Our Private Speakeasy Room has just been equipped with 65" and 75" flatscreen
TVs. Reservations are now being accepted for your football viewing parties!


1864 Project

The 1864 Project is underway and we are collecting your Pete's Tavern stories and memories! Each newsletter will feature examples of your stories. Share yours with us at

Czech director Milos Foreman was shooting Ragtime and had a lovely scene right in front of Pete's. I was dressed (I'm an actor) in wonderful costuming by the great Anna Hill Johnstone. I was placed at a table on the Irving Street side,
all alone. They served us steak...which you are supposed to be 'fake' eating, but I was so hungry, so I dove in. In two seconds, Mr. Foreman spotted me and
showed me the correct way a lady in those times would attack her steak. I remember a very cute Mandy Patinkin was also working that day.

Ragtime scene
Pete's Tavern- Gift cards

Buy a gift card online or ask your server about them next time you're here!

Pete's Tavern- Merchandise. Baseball cap-$28, beanie- $30, t-shirt- $25, jacket- $100.

Merchandise items are available at Pete's! Ask your server for more information.

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